My son’s first birthday

I am very much enthusiastic to write about my son’s first birthday celebration!! Wow, it’s most awaited day for us! On 2nd May, Another huge milestone! Our bundle of joy turned one year old!!

Its couple of weeks planning, many more suggestion from near and dear once as where and how to celebrate!! Finally decided to go to Resort. Yeah, we all set to go to Mango mist, Bangalore. We, family along with our two little kids (My son & niece who is just a day old than my son) got ready keeping all the necessaries required to these kids. The way was smooth on nice ring road; as it was week day , not much traffic, reached the resort in an hour.

Very much thrilled to enter resort. Neatly maintained pavements, full of mango trees, suitable street lamps, hanging lights which is mango shaped, nicely arranged wooden chairs and tables at the rest places, women and men face in antique style as restroom sign, very clean and neat all the ways!!

We entered reception and completed formalities. Facilities over there took our group pic and told to collect the copy at the end of the day. We headed towards refreshment counter; each one of us took different flavours, the way it was garnished and served was remarkable. We enjoyed the juice and started roaming whole resort. My son and niece whooped looking at rabbit in the cage, played there for sometime. Then we started with few of the easy activities – archery, bottle shooting. Meanwhile made our kids have their lunch. We planned to take up adventurous game after having meals. Very good lunch buffet were arranged. Aromas were touching our nose and made our hunger grow still more. We took our seat hoping to have great food and it was not at all disappointing!! The Moong dal halwa was awesome among all. 🙂

Now, its time for adventurous games!! We were very much thrilled and my parents were literally worried. Made my better half to start first with most difficult game among all – Pyramid walk; really need lot of balance and guts to complete this, the triangle shaped bamboo piece hangings!! My super man made it in very short span!

Me, my sis and my brother-in-law tried few of the activities – Bamboo bridge, Russian ladder, Rock climbing and few more. Our two kiddos watching each and every movement of us and want to imitate us! My son is pulling and gesturing to climb up the stairs. The crew were very helpful with lot of patience. One of the crew took our son and left in the middle of net tied between two bamboos above an average ten feet!! My son enjoyed, his eyes were so expressive with delight, he was laughing, singing in his own stylo!! A week back only he started walking and learning to balance on two little feet. It was feast to our eyes watching him balance so well. You can just imagine how difficult it would have been to get him down to ground!


My Brave boy 🙂

Sun light was dimming. Mist dance started. My niece would have danced to the beats but she was asleep by then, without her there was no mood to enjoy the mist dance so we moved towards high Tea, quickly had coffee and hot snacks and walked towards swimming pool. We were about step into water, suddenly thunder and lightning hit the ground. Sun was hiding behind cloud. We dont wanted our little cuties to get drench and fall ill, so rushed towards car and left from there to reach home before it rain heavily.

We had a memorable day. Hope my son would read this post one day and feel very happy!!


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