An inner voice from heart of a mother!

How many of us are all-round mother? we claim ourself so or we really deserve to be called so!!! I feel, its both 🙂 What do you say!!!

Its really very challenging post in our life. Being mother is something special, different feeling altogether and also very very difficult , painful to handle that post as we tend to work towards achieving cent percent success (not sure if we really can). To achieve this, we need to be all-rounder. Being working women, we become still more cautious, so many additional things get added to our routine to-do tasks, and all these are P0 (Very very critical) tasks now!!

Your little tot is alarm now, which you can not snooze and sleep again. You need to complete your household chores in an hour, make your little one eat and get ready to office. We tend to watch on time as sun descends and think about kid, next pipeline activities. Making kid eat and playing with him takes all the time from us which is major and high priority task in life for which one need to apply all your skills to make them eat and play without getting hurt. Seriously, trust me, its not at all easy as we used to feel while playing with other relatives/friends children before we have one! This is one side of coin, if you look at other side, its so awesome feeling when your kid reach each milestone, when start recognising you as a mother and follow, the face he shows up when you return to home after office, the loving signs, gestures, those little tiny fingers pointing out things, those little restless tiny legs, those cute expressions, those lovely sparkling eyes, those little few countable teeth showing up in between while he smiles, those smooth cheeks and chin, adorable voice, blubbering talks… so on and on and on!! No end to this if keep listing.

Practically, you need lot of energy to be around them. More than that, Patience!! Only later one can make you all-round mother irrespective of your capability and cognisance.


4 thoughts on “An inner voice from heart of a mother!

  1. Nice write up Shilpa..specially the lines describing d kid’s activities nd feel….true that it’s tougher for a working mother to be balanced emotionally nd patiently manage things at home nd outside of it.

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