The Season I love most – ‘Monsoon’!

What all you can imagine when you hear the word ‘Monsoon’?? The rainfall? What next? Many more sceneries come front of our eyes.

Monsoon is typical season which can be experienced by the habitant of tropical region. We are really lucky to feel this season being in India. It is one the most significant season which influence other seasons of the world. Last week when was saying my dad that ‘I Love this season; its so nice to watch rainfall..’ (Later will tell you the actual reason as why I love about this season😉), he started explaining me as ‘There is only two seasons in tropical regions – Wet & Hot Season; we have made other seasons as per the calendar, the beauty of Indian rainy season is it falls on Hot Season’. My dad has immense knowledge on geography and good thing about him is he still remembers all the details in tact. Actually this conversation is pointer to write this post :).

We can hardly enjoy this season being at Bangalore as it has its own weather as situated on the Deccan Plateau. I have witnessed this season being at my native place; southern western ghats. We can feel those breeze which has just crossed the oceans and hit the land. Heavy rain bearing Clouds, moving fast and precipitating all over the area, as it increases, cloud becomes clear and it keeps raining all the time.

The croaking of frogs, dancing peacock, the smell of soil when rain droplets hit the ground, wind blowing through coconut & Areca nut trees, rushing waters in river, concentric circles formed in the pond from the droplet fell down from notches of leaves of the trees when rain decreases, horrifying thunder, flashes of lightning and so on… Everything is awesome and beautiful to see and feel!!

Apart from above scenic reason, why I love this season most is; its the season which tempt you to eat variety of fried dishes – specially Bhajji and pakoda😋, nice weather to sleep and take nap anytime, get yourself wet and enjoy with mere reason quoting ‘forgot umbrella’ :)!!

Pragmatically its not easy to deal with this season but, I am being too optimistic, just skipping the negative effect of this season, Lets be happy always keeping prosperity and positive phase of nature!


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