Namma(Our) Metro

It was awesome experience today to travel by ‘Namma Metro’. Became nostalgic, could connect to the experience which I had commuting by ‘the Tube’ (Underground) transport facilities in London!

Though it was my second one, it is first time I chose it to commute to office. Initially had simply travelled to experience the Metro in Bangalore.

Time is money in metro cities. It was peaceful and fast travel to reach office, though need to take other means to reach to office for some more miles. If this transportation connects to each point in Bangalore, it would definitely ease our life(Style). We will get lot of time to spend for ourself. Most of time is consumed only on travelling in Bangalore! Traffic, people, roads swallow us completely, makes blood rush towards head!

Travelling by Metro, made me so happy today, my official day started with smile. Any day with such smile would make whole day smooth even if loads of work on us!

Hoping to see complete connectivity of Metro in Bangalore sooner!

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