Journey of ‘Life’

Its been more than eight years, I am so glad to remember my journey of life shared with a lovely and charming person who tied a knot and promised to be with me for a lifetime no matter how tedious/pleasant/hilarious life would be!

He is my new hero in my life after my dad. I loved to be around him and more loveable when he is around me!! I always feel that God has created him for me only😍. No one is perfect and it’s fallacious thought to search perfection in your ‘soul mate’, instead we should complete and complement each other to lead life merrily.

It’s a challenge to adjust & share lifetime journey with a person to whom we never seen before and now he is our world, he is everything for anything. We do need lot of patience, kindness to have relationship in tact. A deep and selfless love towards each other would make wedding a success!! (Un)knowingly I opened door of my heart for his first knock and bud of love bloomed in me for the first time :). The first is the best always and so is in my case 🙂

Arguments, quarrelling is part of life. Anything more would worsen the relationship; even too much of love is also harmful. One need to balance the ingredients of emotions to have tastiest pie of a life.

I am sure to have a beautiful, colourful, smoother, loving life ahead with him until my last breath.

Inspired by: Shared Journeys

Image taken at Alleppey (Alappuzha), India. – First travel with him after marriage 🙂 – memorable one!


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