It was long weekend as Monday was also holiday (Our nation Independence day;Aug15). Everyone were planning for long weekend which fell soon after ‘varamahalakshmi festival’. Friday was festive mood and joy of long week end ahead. We were not planned anything and thought to relax and take care house chores.

It was crowded day, reached home late evening. My husband simply put a thought as how to be at native for these three days! Even my mother-in-law nodded her head looking for my consent. I said ok with no option in my mind! Quickly Packed, made our little one finish his dinner, my hubby cleaned car shine well and we all set to go!

It was completely unplanned and more than ten hours night journey over ghats (sharp curves) after hectic working day! It was real challenge to my husband to drive alone all the way long!

We started from home, it took lot of energy to make my son sleep. I was sitting exactly back to my husband; His face was visible through front rear view mirror. Lean beam of street light falling on his face and my son face who is sleeping on my lap; was looking each alternatively without blinking and appreciating their beauty within self; both were looking so charming and adorable; felt so content that day to have both in my life. Its really true ; this is what it means ‘falling in love over and over again’!! Coincidentally a song changed in music system which started as ‘life is beautiful, love is wonderful..Anta anta anta..🎶 🎶 🎶'(Kannada song) which added essence to my thought and made me smile within myself and was floating in my imagination world!! Sounding little filmy? Aww!! Sometime such things really add lot of joy; isn’t it?

We reached home town early morning safely. We enjoyed three day stay at native, visited relatives house. Met many people. It was nice to be at native as all over greeneries, raining off and on! My son enjoyed completely playing with dogs, cats which he hardly get to touch here. We even visited beach. It was really nice break though it was unplanned!! We extended a day leave as my son caught cold due to rainy weather.


Observing waves!

We opted to start the journey back during daytime as we need to rush to office. It was awesome journey via ghats seeing landscapes, small water falls which formed by rainy water which had cut out rocks and was falling down gracefully, tortoise motion of heavy oil tanks on roads trying to accelerate carrying loads of weight, thin tall trees with mere leaves arranged on thin branches, curve roads, many more; Two eyes were not enough to capture complete nature beauty.

This journey was cool and nice as even my son supported lot by not crying much and not getting himself irritated! We had carried some toys which made him engaged and also few dry eatable which he can chew for longer time and be busy by himself. Note down this tip which would help you also 😉


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