Still Connected!!

We have become very busy in our life craving for success in all aspects, stressing out ourselves in all the way, leaving behind the actual happiness which we can find within us and family & friends circle.

We are connected closely with our parents until we attain teenage and become independent. Then we get connected to new world of people; friends, colleagues, co-traveller etc. Once we get married, drastic drift to new family and then we get connected to them! We form our own family; sweet and small and completely get busy with our little family. The “Closely connected” funda moves from ‘parents’ to ‘our own family’! isn’t it strange! but still the affection and affinity towards our parents doesn’t simply goes out of our mind, we are still connected to them in so many ways!

As a kid, we really dont know how we had behaved with our parents, still they managed us to keep happy in all the ways and now when they become old, its our turn to return back the favour in some ways and take care them as our own kid and get connected to them!

Do watch this video; real meaning of how one is connected to other! strange feeling! The wonderful ‘social experiment’ by Prudential Relationship Reconnect.

Inspired by:
Connection‘ – Discover weekly challenge


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