Learning in one’s life doesn’t have an end! We start learning one or other until we cease to exist. In fact, learning start in womb itself!

In the run of learning curve, couple of week back decided to learn something new and add some weightage to my skill set. I was preparing my mind to make some time for myself and decided to apply two days leave and dedicate completely on learning ITIL process and gain certification on that. I wanted to understand the actual process involved in IT rather than mere clearing exam by reading set of Questions & Answers and hence joined for training prior to examination which will wind up by final day exam for certification.

I woke with new inspiration and was eager to learn new things. On the way to venue saw a hoarding of one of the school written as “Today is great day to learn something new!“. It was positive omen I felt reading it! Mind said “Yes! Let me make it a great day!

Reached venue on time and day started with good case studies. Trainer ran though couple of presentation slides and we had workbook too. He also showed couple of inspiring, heart touching, social video clips to motivate us and keep up active for this theoretical session. Gained lot of knowledge and positive energy. Thanks to Quint.

Overall, those three days were very fruitful. It was really worth taking leave and attend the session by wonderful and knowledgeable trainer! It was good enlightening break for me after maternity leaves and along with long professional experience!

P.S: In response to Daily prompt Learning.

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