Most of us have very bad opinion on autowalas, specially at metro cities as they demand more, hardly come to destination which we ask for, sometimes quote some vague reason and stop at the middle of the way looking at their benefits and few more are bizarre situation!! but; still thats not always true with all the autowalas! There are so many good folks who ride autos keeping principle motto as providing service and also truly loyal to their occupation. Its our human tendency to blame complete chunk of people even if few are wrong which is unfair and not correct – (dis)agree with my view?

It’s been more than an year stretch that I commuted via auto and seen various categories of autowalas and realised that very few falls on category ‘bad’; so to my opinion it’s all about an individual person not an autowala as a whole!! Do not judge people by occupation or appearance. Its totally wrong as blaming a complete bunch of fruits if only one turned to be sour!

In every field you find such annoying people! Its an individual who exhibits such irritating behaviour. It will ruin your day if we encounter such fellows. Do not spoil your day just by seeing unpleasant incidents, so wipe out those hard feeling, be happy in life being optimistic and looking wider perspective of life!


8 thoughts on “Opinion

  1. “Life is beautiful and simple, we make it complex !!!” Very true, but sadly most of us don’t notice this… I could see great writing here… thank you for stopping by my blog and bringing me here 🙂


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