A big breakthrough

Our lovely son completed 1 year 5 months this week. A sense of moving faster with time, A feeling of blessed to be a mother of a kid who’s action resembles exactly yourself and a great joy to watch all those actions!

He has grown up so much in last few months that he knows as what I call his dad, he do imitate and recall same words again and again and make whole room bombarded with laughter. He started imitating all the action we do, reiterate all the word we speak (we need to be very cautious about usage of word and tone – kid would learn same!). He say jump and try to pul both legs up and jump from standing on pillow or on some toys. We together say jump and he repeat it until he get satisfy. He dance for the beats and get his drums and hit it with sticks to match the beats; its lovely to imagine all these and smile myself at my desk while working!

Those little hands and toes became little more strong, those sweet pink lips now keep muttering all those words which those little ear hear it, those cute little teeth bites everything which those two little sparkling eyes see, those lullabies now converted to rhymes and so many upgradation!

Now, he can make out all our moves and daily routine happenings! He can make out that a day began now and parents are getting ready to office and leave him with granny; he keep walking behind us holding our dress to make sure that we don’t escape from his sight. It’s really a breakthrough pain to heart to see him shout helplessly and cry out of insecurity of departing us while leaving to office. But, being independent in all the ways cost all these pain to a working mother and but a sense of big breakthrough upon balancing both personal and professional life!

P.S: In response to Daily prompt breakthrough.


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