Immensely dark room!! I am completely blind and clueless as where am I! Horrifying barking sound of dogs echoing over my ears! Cats were screaming.. meow-w-www….

Along with this, nocturnal wild sounds shoot up my heart beats in that dirty dark room. Kind of whispering voices hovering me. Feeling of someone stalking me!!!!!

Kirrrrrr…Cr…rrr…rrrr….rrrr….rrrrr…eee..tarrrrr… door opened behind me!

Suddenly a silhouette of some pseudo image appeared on the wall front of me which made me shout loudly closely my eyes – mummmmmmyyyy!!!!!

I opened my eyes doubtfully, slowly, a finger away from eyes at a time… and to my realize it was a damn dream!

P.S: In response to Daily prompt Realize


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