5 years in JNV by 5th born Geminian little girl

Thanks to weekly WP discover challenge which made me recall my precious, unforgettable, most memorable years of life.

I am proud to be part of JNV school. Let me give little background on this school for the people who don’t have idea about this school; there will be entrance exam all over India on 2nd week of February of each year for the student who are in class 5th. There is limited seats, quotas to select the members and a school per district. It was really tough and challenging to be in ‘selection list’ being in urban and general merit quota as most of the seats were mainly for talented rural students to uplift them and give best equivalent education.

I was part of that list and only girl got selected till now from my school – feel of honour and on cloud 9! I had made my mind to be away from home and study in residential, co-education school. There were only few months left to join school and my parents were worried as how can I manage alone in such a young age. I still remember the joining day – I was completely clueless standing at the entrance of principle room, beside my dad who was holding one trunk (a large box with a hinged lid for storing or transporting clothes and other articles) which had all my accesseries. I was allocated to one dormitory and my dad had to leave soon after I got admitted to room.

Its huge and would run multiple pages if I go in detail about my complete five years of schooling. I would rather like to recollect and write on few of my major/something new/good/bad/memorable incident for each of the years.

First Year:
As I am 5th born Geminian, its not at all hard for me to gel well with people. Got many friends, slowly got adjusted to system also. The rules, process were completely different from my local school. Most of the foramalties during prayers were in English which was intially bit difficult as was from Kannada (The local language in Karnataka) medium, different dress code, strict and well defined. I learnt to be well mannered and well defined, process oreinted and compeltely independent in all the routine activities. One thing prominently I remember is night home sick and sleep with burst of tears daily.

Second Year:
Rules are brocken where there is too strictly told! Hmmm, after a year , its bore to follow same routine and same food. We hardly had a connection to outside world. One such incident; two of us planned to go out without our house madam permission and get ice cream. Most difficult was the way to cross the house madam corridor and get it! We took the tumbler to hide the ice cream and get that to room without being noticed what is in tumbler. Tactfully holder ice cream and about to reach room and got caught. Scolding and speeches weren’t over by our house miss but ice cream got melted. This made me laugh now thinking kiddish behavior of us! 😀

Third Year:
Our rented school building got transeferred to new own building which was located very far from city and completly covered by trees, forest and near by dam! Year passed by adjusting to new location and new medium of learning. Yes, everyone will be in English medium from 8th standard irrespective of medium you studied till. Good concept of giving two years to adjust to the system and introduce new process later. It was challenge to learn everythig in new language and score high as before. I love to recall that I topped again 🙂 and made existing english medium friends feel jealous 🙂

Fourth Year:
This is the year where each undergo lot of harmonal changes and teachers become too strict about everything. Our sister madam give us long list of guidelines to follow (To do & don’t – to behave matured enough). Funny PT times, know-how about new couple in classes, teasing each other and time just flew.

Fifth Year:
Its a year of serious study as X board exam and also decision making year to leave school or to continue another two years! No PT classes – no early morning joggings, no exercises. One more thing to recall is I shared topper of the class title with another guy who is still in contact; our names written on rank board which is still hanging in school :), feel nostalgic.

Some more events which I would like to list down;
1. Third sunday – Parents are allowed to meet us and thats the day we were colourfully dressed and will be waiting for our family, mom made eatables and many more. One complete day with family is like full moon day, feast, festival. No words to describe the happiness.

2. Scout & Guides – few students will be chosen to be part of it from each class. I was part of it. Enjoyed participating in many of programmes and seeing outside world for this reason 🙂

3. Full moon day dinner (ಬೆಳದಿಂಗಳ ಊಟ) – Everyone can sit anywhere in the lawn and enjoy the food; otherwise we had particular seat on same table on all the day!

4. Cross country jog – Don’t go with literal meaning 😉 we were not crossing country, crossing the main gate is so for us :)! The most lovable day to jog as we go outside our campus gate, we see some vehicles and new fresh air to breathe, exercising on roads, awesome!

5. Sports day within campus – inter house competition on weekly basis; various sports – all track and field activities, kho-kho, kabbadi, volley ball.

6. Cluster level sports – inter school competition yearly once and if get selected would participate in national level.

7. Cultural activities – One of the best activity which increased our knowledge in 360 degrees. It would be in either of Kannada/Hindi/English; either pick and speech, debate, dance or any other genre. Lot of home work were needed to participate and win as hardly had access to internet and mobile phone and hence lot of own creativity to achieve it.

8. House Flag hoisting for a month – Complete month cumulative marks of all the activities would decide the winner of the month for the particular house.

9. Chapathi making – This is girls’s task and making chapati was daily turn by each class students. One used to make minimun 100+ chapatis in 15 minutes 😉 It was real fun 🙂

List never ends!! Those were Golden days in my life.


5 thoughts on “5 years in JNV by 5th born Geminian little girl

  1. Nostalgic, as I read , it took me back to my school days too. You really have a hidden author in you 🙂
    Everytime when I read ur article, I get the same vibes as I read article of SL byrappa (famous author of books like Avarna) do read it when u have time , 🙂


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