First letter to my son

My dear loving son Bhargav,

I want you to know that we have left you with paternal grandparents away from me for few months only! You are just a year and 7 months old; you are such a small little heart of me; you hardly can understand all these decisions. Its your both parents decision to safeguard until your Amma (Mother) settled down till you get back to her. I am travelling to Sunnyvale, California on work deputation in few days. I need some time to settle down and adjust to new place, work, culture, weather and then take you. I don’t want to blindly take you with me without proper arrangement which might worsen your health and other routine activities.


This is how you were looking that day my little champ

It was very hard feeling for us and thoughtfully decided by me and your father to arrive on this decision. We have calculated all the way keeping core and principle motto of making you secure and happy while deciding on this. You will definitely be secure with your grandparents; you will also enjoy the weather, ambience and nature over there which you didn’t get exposed while you were with us at Bangalore.

 This is right time for your Amma to get exposure in working and some good chance to save some money for your future. Its really hard for me to be away from you and I have made my mind and heart very strong just for you. Sooner you will be with me and I promise, I will be with you always after that and guide you in all until you stand independently.

I am sure that one day you get to know about this through any source when you are grown up and might have lot of questions in your mind when people around you might talk many things about this nega(posi)tively and hence I am writing this letter to you so that most of your questions are answered here and you never feel bad about our decision.

We love you son. Muaaahha.😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

Your loving mother.


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