First trip in US!

This is my first write up on first day of the new year on my first trip in US with new friends and entirely, exclusively a new experience!

We four girls planned to visit Las Vegas — a sin city and Grand canyon west rim of Arizona! I was very new to country among all and I was totally excited about my first trip! Packed all warm clothes as it was damn cold and set to go!

We could only see plain deserted area beside highways and horizon bounded by rocky hills. No other landscape until we reach the city. Clouds and fogs floating just above the earth surface, chilly wind, light sharp sun rays between those lovely milky clouds; was witnessing altogether a different world.

We reached the city in the evening and got ready for the ‘city night tour’. Yes, Las Vegas is city which doesn’t sleep. It is also called an entertainment city and gambling city. City lights up after dusk and looks astonishing. It was stunning experience watching city from 19th floor of the hotel where we stayed — spectacular view!

Our guide left us at Fremont Street to have a glance on the style of city and its activities. It was wonderful experience walking on the street, watching light and sound show over the curved roof screen. Then we went to hotel Venitian which has roof just like sky – wonderful interior design. It also had small canal and boating. It was like city within city!! We visited many more hotels, each hotel has casino. Each hotels were incomparable to one another. We seen various theme such as Paris Eiffel Tower, New York statue of liberty, Disney world, Circus and many more. Also watched musical fountain show and volcanos show. These two shows were very normal – no wow factor!

Next day visited Grand canyon west rim. We chosen west rim over south just to experience the sky walk. Unfortunately it was temporarily closed as snowed last day and walking area was slippery! Initially all our enthusiasm went down but nature view of amazing grand canyon filled our energy back and we left short of words and expression to feel the nature wonder created by Colorado River. We tried our best to capture this experience in our camera and left from there.

Now comes the night shows at Las Vegas. There were many shows and we could manage for only one show i.e. Kà Show which was at MGM grand hotel. The technologically advanced stage and very vast theater. It was theme based play and circus show. I was totally impressed by the effects of the show, change of the each scene with different moving stage, ship and sand stage, expression of love by dancing acrobatically holding single hanging rope. It was awesome!

After this show, only one thing was revolving in my mind! There is so much to learn from this city and its shows! Keeping enjoyment and entertainment on other side, if we think on invisible part of the city i.e. actual efforts of the people who work so hard to make these shows successful, their determination, working on unusual timings, co-ordination, team work, each and everything mattes to make it grand success which is not at all a easy! We always crib on our work to be heavy and most of the people concentrate on individual hardship and contribution and claim overall success. Its always complete team hard work and co-ordination make any piece of work a complete success.

Work towards the Synergy of the group rather than concentrating on individual gain which would attain the highest and wholesome success!

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