Monthly Gratitude – February 2018

Mid of this month I came across beautiful blog by Vidya Sury, where I noticed her post on ‘gratitude circle’ which has inspired me to link up with her. Its really good way to pay our gratitude to moments and person. Since I am late to link up for January month gratitude list, starting from February.

February is very special month in my life. I would very much love to start with this month gratitude list.

Blogging world

I am thankful to blogging world which gave me such good platform to share my thoughts via writings. I came across many good writers in this month which boosted my energy to write more.

Shivaratri festival

I have posted information on worshipping Lord Shiva in the form of Linga in my mother tongue Kannada on the day of festival of Shivatri for my this year challenge to write a post on each Kannada alphabet. The topic for that letter coincide with festival made me feel good. Check here for the post if you can read Kannada.

My lovely parents birthday

My lovely mom and handsome dad’s birthday fall in same month. I am very much grateful to them for bringing me up in right direction and making me independent. I pray God to give them healthy and long life.

One of my best friend wedding anniversary

Kavitha, she is the one who introduced me to blogging world. My gratitude to her and I cherish all the moments with her in my life. I ended up wishing on her wedding anniversary two days late, still no clashes, no bitter feeling within. We never keep any formalities and enjoy each moments.


Rumour of this news was hanging from last few months like a slow poison and news turn out to fact last week and jolted mind for a new change, new process, new CEO. My better half gave me good support to take this as opportunity to learn and get exposed to new client and technologies, ELSE there is always a second option in life for everything. His support makes a lot of difference to life :).

My wedding anniversary

We completed 7 yrs of married life. I feel blessed to have such person as my life soulmate. I wish to have him as my partner for seven janmas (lives), no matter if role is reversed :). Got very good gift from him for this anniversary – loved the wordings on that.

7th Wedding_gift

Julie & her family

The Street dog to whom we (me & my son) named her as Julie. She gave birth to 5 puppies this month, shelter them under sewage channel. Julie & her 5 cute puppies made me easy to console my son showing them whenever he is crying, impatient, during his mood swings. Its grateful to have her nearby house though I like to have pets a foot distance (actually little more far! as I find difficult to handle them).

Event Practice

Last three weeks were hectic with dance and skit practice to perform for Company’s annual programme which is in first week of March. Dancing after many years is making my body completely tired. We four girls formed a team to dance on some festival theme and had good time to practice, co-ordinate, chit chat and enjoy the steps and get ready. Thanks to them for coming on time for practice, well co-ordination and hassle free choreographing. Hoping to perform well on stage 🙂

* * * * * * *

By the way, What were your gratitude lists for this month?

Linking up with Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles



12 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – February 2018

  1. It is so overwhelming to receive your gratitude! its always a pleasure knowing you and glad that you still value our friendship with such great respect!
    As you owe me, I owe you a lot too:) loved this concept for expressing gratitude. Keep going your blogging sprit ❤


  2. Happy Anniversary to you, and your soul mate, nice to know that you posted on shivarathri – i don’t read Kannada:) I was happy to hear about Julie, its a joy to see the little puppies and children are happy to see them. Its fun to dance no matter what age, wishing you a wonderful march..


  3. Welcome to the Gratitude Circle, Shilpa! I have been penning one every month for last over 2.5 years. It’s rewarding and a way to let the universe know that you are grateful for what you have.
    Good to know about the dance, and time with family. Blogging sure is an extension of us. Isn’t it? Happy to meet you and hope to see you around.


  4. Happy Anniversary- thats quite a milestone in the married life! Love the way you have complimented your partner and expressed joy over having him in your life. So often we take people closest to us for granted and ruin things between us forever. I hope you keep this alive and may god grant you 7 life times with him.


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