The connection – #FridayFotoFiction


Raju is simple and humble person to whom his boat is his life and everything. His boat is the only means of transportation from the bank of river to tiny island which is 10miles away. People in the island are completely dependent on his boat. School going kids, working people and for anything to connect to town is via his boat or him, no other means. He was hero of the island and connecting bridge between mainland and island.

As a daily routine, he collected grocery lists from everyone and set to city. Off-boarded everyone, tied boat and headed to shop.

He saluted shopkeeper and looked at his love Rohini – shopkeeper’s daughter. Rohini accompanied him till his boat along with extra grocery bag. She waved hand with silent loving look and gestured to see him again soon.

Their silent love is as pure as the water of this river!

Word count: 150

This post is featured for this week. I am very much overwhelmed to be featured 🙂


I am taking part in the #FridayFotoFiction – Weekly Flash Fiction Writing Challenge hosted byTina and Mayuri



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