Incredible Indian local games – #AtoZchallenge

There are numerous local Indian games among which I would like to talk about few which I really enjoyed playing in my childhood. It was play time after school before sun set and run back to home to complete home work. After home work is done, there comes indoor games!! Time was equally dedicated to study and play.

Look at the photo collage!! Can you recall at least one? Most of us would have played these games. Local name of these games might differ. I bet, you can recall more than one!!

Indian local game

Photos from google

Let me name them in the order from right to left – Chakka vacchi (Chowka bara), Goti (Goli), Gudna (five stone game), Lagori, Gilli dandu, Chenne mane and racing with old tyre. There were some more games which we used to play during rainy season when terrain is wet. Can’t forget to mention Galli cricket!! All these games give you chance to mingle with larger audience, some game teaches you the importance of team work, some advances your IQ, you really need to plan and play to choose your pawn to win the game in Chowka Bara and Chenne mane. There is no age bar for some of the games. Whole family used to sit and play for five stone games, Chenne mane and Chowka Bara. I loved those days.

Kids learn from play. Play is their work. It improves their motor skills, It makes them grow physically stronger, also improves their immunity and IQ. This improves apetite and kids eat on time without any extra effort and also fall sleep soon which is apt for physical and mental growth.

generation gap

Generation gap

Time has changed now. People are running behind competition, constant comparison – burdening little ones. Now a days kids always behind mobiles, parents need to work towards reducing kid’s screenning time. What exercise one would they get from holding cell phone affecting their eyes at the early age!! Are we snatching their childhood playtime? If so, think on changing it soon. We need to let kids play. Encourage them to play outdoor games and also get engaged to some good indoor games as well. Local games depicts Indian culture. Pass your culture to upcoming generation.


This post is as part of AtoZchallenge2018 – Letter ‘I’ for “Incredible Indian local games”


5 thoughts on “Incredible Indian local games – #AtoZchallenge

  1. Shilpa, I have played most of the games during my childhood. Those were the gadget free days and we knew friends face to face, sparrows chirped on the real windowsill !
    Nostalgia galore.


  2. The best post of all. We are lucky to have played the most. Our kids do not get that exposure. Memories reminded. Do have your say on my I post too.


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