Quit the Game! – #AtoZchallenge

Its 2 AM, its too late to go for next one” I told Vani standing front of abandoned house far away from the city.

Its last clue to end the game. We have found and cracked six clues already. Come along with me, lets find it out in the house” Vani said enthusiastically.

I am not finding this place good. We are running from one place to other from morning 7 just to win one voucher!!

Its not about voucher Shilpa, its about thrill and fun” Vani added.

I was bit nervous seeing kooky house and I just followed her to accompany and finish this game as soon as possible. I didn’t feel to leave her alone after coming so far in the game.

Its too dark. Checkout the switch to turn light on” I shouted on her.

Ouch!!!” Vani fell down and looked at me for help.

Slowly dear, be careful. Lets go together, hand in hand

Here is the switches!! but its not working, we need to find chest in this dark itself” She explained.

Vani, What’s that? I saw someone over there. Other team already reached here so early?

Na, no chance!! They both were still at clue#4, we are far ahead and need to submit this last at the counter before morning 7 am. Hurry!! Check there“. Vani was firm on what she need.

My mind was wandering thinking all nonsense, eyes are checking all other things except chest. I have very good instinct and most of the time it works as I feel. Again, some silhouette appeared for fraction of second against window on which street light was penetrating.

I am not feeling good here. Lets go back. Some times its ok if we don’t win. Chalo!!

No Shilpa, I am against the quitting game and more over we are almost there. Its matter of few hours and we will win“.


“Koooo kooooo koooooo” My alarm rang. I just got up sweating all over my body. Oh Man, Damn Dream!!!


This post is as part of AtoZchallenge2018 – Letter ‘Q’ for “Quit the Game!”


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