Who is she? – #AtoZchallenge

Continued…. from Unknown

Umesh opened his eyes and saw Urmila sprinkling water on his face.

“Stop this! What’s wrong with you. who are you?” Umesh blabbered with confused mind.

Urmila stared at him with question mark and said “Excuse me, I came to help you but you are asking me stupid questions. What did I do? Can you tel me who is she? who is calling you? Why are you in puzzled situation. Can you explain me? “

“I still can’t believe myself as whats going around me from last one week. Ok, let me tell you”


Umesh had loved Udita during college days. They both departed post job placement and no contact after that. Umesh shifted to Mumbai. After 3 yrs, they happened to meet on the beach side. Udita had come to Mumbai to visit her cousin place for 2 weeks. Their love blossomed again and they had good time roaming around the city. Umesh proposed her a day before her return back to Bangalore. They decided to have dinner at famous restaurant.

It was 9 in the night and both came out of restaurant after heavy meal and decided to walk on sea shore. Long walk, hand-in-hand and finalised to share this matter with parents. Walked for long time and sat on rocky small hillock near the shore of the sea. Udita insisted to pose to a selfie. She slipped over slippery rock and fell down in the sea. Waves were very ferocious, tides were very high as full moon day and she started screaming for help. It was late night and very few people around them. Umesh was horrified with this and ran away leaving her without thinking about life of human. He never heard back about her after that.


It’s almost a year from now. We are on same rock. I am scared. I feel her soul is back and want to take revenge on me. Urmila, help me. I agree that I did a big mistake not saving her. I was tensed and had no clue what to do. I shouldn’t have left her. Please help me” Umesh cried putting his head down.

I am happy that you realised your mistake. Never ever do this again to anyone. Always help people in need. Life is precious. you want to meet her now? still you love her?” Urmila consoled him.

Yes, Yes. I do. is she alive? how do you know her?

I am her cousin and I know about you both very well. Come, lets go” Urmila pulled his hand and walked towards bike.


This post is as part of AtoZchallenge2018 – Letter ‘W’ for “Who is she?”


7 thoughts on “Who is she? – #AtoZchallenge

  1. Wow, never saw this coming. Is there any connection between Urmila and Udita, I wonder. And, what will Umesh do next.

    Waiting at Bikaner House, Delhi

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