An important Pathway #FFfAW


Rohan is excited to present his first thesis to a big audience of honourable and highly intellectuals. His family members were also invited to this function. Rohan had worked meticulously on each point and had come up with a brilliant solution for plastic recycling. Today is the day to showcase his idea and yield fruit to his 5 years of hard work.

The function was about to start. His eyes were searching for his family members. Reserved seats are still unoccupied.

What happened Rohan, is everything fine? All set present?” His senior asked him.

Before he could reply, his phone starting ringing.

Hello, Daddy. Where are you? I am waiting for you all

We just got down from the taxi and there says ‘No Entry’.

No worries Dad, Your seat is reserved already, come by sideways” and hung the phone.

Rohan’s face turned to glowing star. His senior understood and left from there tapping his shoulder saying “Good luck Man for the important day of your life”.

(Word count: 167)


Linking up with Priceless Joy who host the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is to write stories in 100-175 words or less for the photo prompt. Thanks to ‘yarnspinnerr‘ for providing the prompt photo!


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