Trick or Treat #TellTaleThursday

Malini was hesitant about this year Halloween party. It was reminding her of last year's insult, bullied laugh and hurting self-esteem by those three so-called elite class ladies. "Is it my fault to born in a middle-class family? I don't want to hear back again from same ladies who will be at the party this … Continue reading Trick or Treat #TellTaleThursday

Sweet conversation #FFfAW

"What is this Daddy?" little kid asked his dad seeing the newly brought fish pond. "Its golden fish, your new mate". "Oh Wow! Fish is a boy or girl? What is the name?" "It's a boy. You can name him anything you wish." "Where are his daddy and mommy? Why is he alone here?" Dad … Continue reading Sweet conversation #FFfAW