Monthly Gratitude – September 2018

September month started with team outing and ended with function at BP’s school. Two major festivals added joy to month. There was News of death in the family which made part of month gloomy. Offering sincere condolence to his family and wishing peace to his soul, let me jot down gratitude moments of the month.

We had a team outing organised by the company for complete BU at Ankit Vista resort. 100+ members were part of it. First half day was completely utilised for team activities and we had participated in each of the activities like kids, running and jumping all over the area to accomplish the task. It was a great moment and the exciting part was to get the title as ‘Most active lady’ in such a big gang of people!!

There were two festivals in this month. Krishna Janmashtami and Gowri-Ganesha festival. BP had dressed as Krishna on the day of Krishna Jayanti at school and his daycare. A lot of celebration and capturing moments added happiness to normal life. BP had a dress code as ethnical wear on Ganesha festival. He also learnt to say ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya’ looking at Ganesha Idol. It’s a nice feeling to get kids ready on such occasion and feel happy though it’s very tough to make them ready in the early morning of the day.

My two secret wishes came true in this month. I am very much grateful for this. Since its secret, no more talking further about it :). Achieving one of this made me completely busy and all my concentration was on that which made me little away from blogging and hence couldn’t concentrate much on blog posts in this month except a continuation of posting two Trees per month for #ThursdayTreeLove.

And month ended with ‘Grandparents Day’ celebration at BP’s school. My parents had come to attend this to make BP feel good. The theme of the day was ‘Retro’ and asked my parents to get ready accordingly. It was an awesome function to kids to spend and play with grandparents. Drawing, Storytelling and various competition with grandparents along with other kids was fun. Two generation mingling with similar kiddish heart and playing together was superb. My parents and BP enjoyed to the core. My parents were recalling my childhood and feeling nostalgic. I am very much grateful to my SIL who made my mom ready with the retro hairstyle and which made my mom get first prize for it. I am very happy about my Dad’s hold on Kannada language and his narrating style which yielded him first prize for storytelling. Both were happy receiving award in that age 🙂 Totally this function was memorable.

These were my moments for the month 🙂 How was yours?


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6 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – September 2018

  1. Very interesting month for you, Shilpa! It is always a pleasure to get kids ready for any dress-up.
    There are more festivals coming up this month as well.

    Congrats to your mom and dad, I’m sure they must be happy on receiving such awards and also they get to spend some time with their grandchild in school. It is such an awesome initiative to call grandparents to school and have a get-together with the children. Wow!

    Great September! Wishing you a great October as well.

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  2. How nice to know about your team outing, its so much fun to run around and jump and play like kids, I am sure this must have been energizing . Also glad to hear about your parents who attended the grandparents day:) its a joy to see them winning and happy with the daughter and grandchild. I am sure October will be an exciting month to you, with dusherra holidays..

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