Sweet conversation #FFfAW


P.C: Jodi McKinney

“What is this Daddy?” little kid asked his dad seeing the newly brought fish pond.

“Its golden fish, your new mate”.

“Oh Wow! Fish is a boy or girl? What is the name?”

“It’s a boy. You can name him anything you wish.”

“Where are his daddy and mommy? Why is he alone here?”

Dad was puzzled and thinking to answer him and heard chuckling sound from the corner of the room from his wife.

“Oh, my sweetheart, They will soon join him. His parents went to the office now. Until they are back, you can play with him.”

“Oh, I got it. Like I stay in daycare when you both go to the office? But I have friends in daycare, why not him?”

“No Baby, It’s his home. Since you are here, his parents left him alone. You need to take care of him, feed him and play with him. Now its time to play. No more questions baby!! Okay?”

“But Daddy….”

(Word count: 163)


Linking up with Priceless Joy who host the weekly Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. The challenge is to write stories in 100-175 words or less for the photo prompt. Thanks to ‘Jodi McKinney‘ for providing the prompt photo!


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