Trick or Treat #TellTaleThursday


Malini was hesitant about this year Halloween party. It was reminding her of last year’s insult, bullied laugh and hurting self-esteem by those three so-called elite class ladies.

“Is it my fault to born in a middle-class family? I don’t want to hear back again from same ladies who will be at the party this year too. They are the organisers this year too.”

“No away. You are no less than them in any ways except financially. Go, Malini, this time it’s your turn to take revenge.”

“No Malini, don’t listen to her. Why you want to get trap in the same web again and again? Be at home, enjoy your day peacefully.”

“You coward, stop suggesting her. You should listen to me. I am your most intelligent and well-wisher. Listen to me. It’s time for revenge. REVENGE!!”

“You always think about revenge, tit for tat. That’s not gonna cost us anything. We should look for a happy life, find it in one’s inner peace, not with revenge.”

Oh My!! Both of you stop and leave me alone” Malini shouted by hitting hard on the mirror in which she was looking and hearing her inner dual mind.

Let me think cautiously as what I want! Huh!!

Yes, I am going to the party. Trick them and take revenge?? No!! Definitely will treat them well and show the power of good humanly behavior which should make themselves ashamed of their attitude!!

(Word count: 240)


Linking up with Anshu & Priya for #TellTaleThursday.  This is a weekly challenge to write a tale within 250 words for the given fiction photo Prompt.

2 thoughts on “Trick or Treat #TellTaleThursday

  1. There are different types of revenge, and the one malini has chosen is the right one though if the ladies are very cruel then they would not even notice her niceness. Loved the exchange of dialogue between the two minds.


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