Monthly Gratitude – October 2018

October was a festive month, a lot of food, shopping, and fun.

⭐️ The beginning of the month was at mom’s place with BP as PK was at native for some rituals. We two enjoyed at mom’s place. No much routine tasks, eating mom made foods, roaming and shopping with mom was fun this time. We did so much of shopping that bill was accompanied with a surprise gift of good brand mixer 🙂 – a good way to begin the month right!?

⭐️ This Navaratri marked a year of completion of the new home. Hence we had arranged for ‘Chandika Parayan’ at home and invited near ones and apartment members for the small-scale function with some return gift to ladies and supper to everyone. It is auspicious to hear parayana (Devi’s slokas) during Navaratri which says glory of Devi over the evils. I am very much grateful to God to give us energy and strength to manage such Pooja at home and making it memorable.

⭐️ BP had a fancy dress at school on account of Navaratri festival celebration. Nursery kids were asked to come in any character of Ramayana. It was first time making him ready for fancy dress and I was very much thrilled about this. Took some extra effort to find out costume shop near home which is a completely new area for me from last one year. Hardly had time to explore the new place. Finally, we decided to dress him up as “Jambavanth”. This was PK’s idea to chose different character than usual one Rama, Lakshman, Hanumanth!! So grateful to my dear PK to support me in every moment, a routine task etc and make me feel good mom each day even after full time working. Its all because of his support and help every time! I am lucky to have such life partner.

⭐️ BP had a week of Dussehra holidays and we decided to leave him at mom’s place – his first vacation at Granny’s place. I am thankful to my mom who can be available for me at this age and manage all herself. It’s not easy to take care of pre-school hyperactive kids! Another side, it was silent home when I returned back home after office. BP’s absence made us emotional. It took two days to understand and calm down mentally. Also, this gave some special time for me and PK after 3+ years. We went to the temple together and had dinner at some good restaurant. Though we missed BP each time we chew some food, it was also reminding us newly married time 🙂 Grateful to a great time with PK after many years.

⭐️ Officially it was a bit relaxing month for me. Learnt few PMP related work along with my routine technical stuff. We had team lunch as one of the members was officially flying overseas. It was a lovely time having food at 13th floor viewing most part of Bangalore from such a height.

⭐️ Blog front, I could publish 8 posts this month which is 50% more than my target – 5 posts per month. I started participating in #TellTaleThursday from this month. I could post #ThursdayTreeLove for this month.

Writing gratitude post gives such happy feeling when we round up our gratitude for the months. It helped to find happiness in every small activity. It’s like counting back the happiness and feel happy again. That’s all from my end for this month. Have you written one? if not, do/start it soon and count your happiness in writing and can see it multiply soon.


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – October 2018

  1. Kudos on the blog posting frequency; it can get hectic with all the housework and other things to spend time on the blog.

    Congratulations on completing one year in the new home – its indeed a fulfilling emotion to be able to call one’s home their own!

    Wishing for an equally abundant November for you Shilpa!

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