Monthly Gratitude – November 2018

November started with Karnataka state govt holiday – Kannada Rajyostava on 1st Nov. It was a relaxing start but a lot of changes in the life accompanied thereafter which made mind quite messy and stressful. The initial half year was booming for me with so many goods things and then started slowly sliding down each month at the closure of the year with only a month left to welcome the new year. Hoping to see the peak getting up back again in all the angles of life.

However the month goes, ups & downs are inevitable. Finding gratitude among those curves make us feel good and give the energy to lead a happy life. Agree with me? 🙂 So… here are my gratitude moments for this month;

♦ Comes the Deepavali festival. Its one of the main festivals in our family and a great occasion to shop, decorate, lighting up Deepa (Diyas), crackers and pray Goddess Laxmi to bless everyone. Celebration varies from region to region – The way its celebrated in our native or villages is different that of how one celebrate in cities or other parts. It’s a great feeling to understand our culture and pass it to the next generation – Hence even though I had only a day holiday from office, we celebrated all three days with details explaining BP on it. He is still young to understand completely but he could get few and can make him feel the festive mood. We decorated the entrance of home with mango leaves, flowers, lightings, and colorful rangoli. Oil bathing on the first day and wearing the new dress, followed by Laxmi pooja after dusk on the next day. Also celebrated Tulasi Pooja on 12th-day post no moon of Deepavali day.



♦ Change in the career – Mid of the month was my last day in current company and moving to better opportunities after being quite long years! This change was helping to reduce the travel time and getting close to family time. But on other hand, its also new challenges, new environment, new people, new experiences and time to prove myself again. I received good send off from my team and senior managers with kind words and healthy foods. I am very much grateful to all those kindnesses and also to get into the new organisation which has reduced my travel time.

♦ I am also thankful to my house-help who has taken my additional chores on her shoulder. Even though we pay, it’s difficult to get an adjustable and kind person to help us.

♦ Last two weeks in new organisation has added little curiosity, a tension of getting into the project, learning new technologies, new policies and process! I am really grateful to my dear friend KN who supported me morally even though she is in a different timezone. These days also have given me enough time bandwidth to play with my little BP who is more happier than anyone with this change. I am grateful for this opportunities and wish this would last very very long. Touchwood!!

♦ Blog front, unlike the previous month, nothing great went into my blog. I could hardly write though had time and ideas, as the mind was messy with many changes. Hoping to write more in the coming days!!

So how was your month? Share your the most gratitude moments in comments.


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