The Mission #SundayPhotoFiction

PC: Anurag Bakhshi

I am pretty excited about my first mission. Find the target and shoot! Its not at all easy but I am with the team who are famous and known for this mission. My senior told me to keep sentiments aside and get into helicopter. I loaded all the required equipments and set to go.

Views from helicopter is awesome. This small village on shore of sea looks beautiful with even colours and sizes. My heart fell in love with the scenic and serene beauty. Mind alarmed me to look for the beast and forget the beauty.

58°46’N 9°27’E, target found. Shoot!! shouted my senior.

I set aside my heart and remembered oath! Country first, kill the terrorism!

Mission accomplished!

(Word count: 120)


This is as part of “Sunday Photo Fiction” hosted by Susan Spaulding. The challenge is to write stories in 200 words or less for the photo prompt.

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