Monthly Gratitude – December 2018

December month was again a mixed bag with few highs and many low moments. Already a calendar year completed and time to jot down the grateful moments to recall the learning to take forward to the next year. Lot of good things to remember and cherish even after few majors lows seen! Many learnings and new changes in the life added flavour to the existing routine life.

Let me list the last month grateful moments and later summarise my whole year.

A day out to Zoo. We were planning for an outing over the weekend but the place was not decided. It was badly needed break and was planning for some temple. PK was against the long drive this time and looking for other option. I was planning whole Friday it and couldn’t finalise places as per both’s requirement. BP’s monthly school newsletter became a pointer. PK went through the newsletter and said ‘how about going to Bannerghatta National park? His school recommended taking kids to Zoo as they are introducing them the animals and birds‘. It was win-win and I said ok. BP was very much excited to visit Zoo. It was his second visit and the first one was when he was too young and could hardly understand. This time, he recognised most of the animals, making the sound of each and explaining to us his own story, a lot of questions if he doesn’t know the one. It was great moments spent together though not many animals were there in the park this time. Park facilities were renovating and lot of dust due to it.

BP’s first school sport’s day. Sudden news of ill health of my nephew glommed our family completely. Busy visiting them and same time BP’s sports day. BP hardly can understand such bad condition and we don’t want to miss his special day. School teachers were preparing them from a month and chosen for a specific event as per kid’s interest and talent. We somehow handled it well and made for it. He was selected for Farmer’s race – run on the track in farmer attire and pick up the vegetables on the way and reach the end line. He did so well which I really didn’t expect. It made my day rather than any one’s. His first medal and certificate are greatest to remember.

BP’s Christmas party. white and red was a dress code and it’s delightful to dress kids to any such occasion. He had two parties on the same day – school and daycare. His explanation about getting the gift, Santa cap, cake cutting made us happy.

Christmas holidays. Niece and nephews were at home for this vacation and it’s nice to have kids around you even if its tough to manage. My MIL was at home during these days and BP had a very good time with all his nieces and nephews and meeting both side grannies. It was a really tough time for us post-holidays to get him ready for school.

I am very much grateful to PK for all his support during my low time seen in this month. Also, to some ladies in the new office who helped me to understand the new process and feel good during starting days in the new organisation.

There were a few small incidents which made me happy and uplifted my motherhood feeling. BP’s special gestures and close moments used to make my days. There is a lot of changes in him this month, he started expressing his feeling. Not sure if it’s his part of development or I am being with him more time due to no much travel to the office. Whatever may be the reason, I am loving this.

This is how my grateful moments were in December.

Let me wrap up this post with reflections of the year in short. I am grateful to all the below highlights.

  • This was the year, I came across Vidya Sury’s gratitude circle via Indiblogger site. I had habit of feeling grateful for small things too but never had habit of writing it. I started from Feb and its a great feeling.
  • This was the year, I was more active in writing compared to last two years. I wrote my first post on May 2016, about BP’s first birthday. Wrote only one post in 2017. Participated in AtoZ challenge without any preparation and planning. I could complete it and got many new bloggers, readers, new challenges, good circle. Started writing on my favoutite genre – fiction.
  • This is the year, had BP and Gombe’s (My sis daughter) birthday celebrated together. They are just a day difference and make us feel twins in the family. New family member joined us promoting me to second time Doddamma.
  • This is the year, BP started his schooling which added many more responsibilities and my identity shifted from Shilpa to BP’s mother. Its a great feeling to attend his all school activities and feel proud.
  • This is the year, Personally had some good time for ourselves and could meet most of the target as planned
  • This is the year, my two secret wishes have came true.
  • Had short official travel to California and rejuvenated and feel connected to the client though most of the time work from offshore. Such travel increases face value which is much needed in working sector.
  • This is the year, celebrated each and every festival at our own house traditionally which marked ultimate happiness.

Without PK’s support, nothing would be much grateful though I am capable. It’s a life of being together and handling every peaks and valley together for which both should be strong, capable to support each other. Thanks to my dear sweetheart to be with me all the time.

Also thankful to each and everyone who directly or indirectly contributed to my happiness, struggle, learnings.

I wish new year bring more happiness and give strength to manage all the ups & downs and see my nephew completely healthy!

How were your December and complete year? Share your greatest feeling in the comments section with me.


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7 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – December 2018

  1. What an eventful year you had, Shilpa!! Congratulations to you on your son starting his school, it makes us realise how quickly our kids are growing and how more our responsibilities increase. Hugs to you for having some lean periods, but glad you had wonderful support both at home and at workplace. California must have been super, I remember seeing your tree post on it.

    Hope you have a great 2019 with lots of fun, growth and writing! 🙂

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