Surprise #TellTaleThursday

I got up hearing a rasping knock at the door. Opened the mobile to see the time and its 1 am.

I was wondering who will knock the door at this time. Definitely, it’s my imagination. Too much watching the horror scary movie will result in such imagination and hear back extra unwanted. I was about to pull the blanket over me soothing mind heroically and heard back the knocking again. It was still more vigorous and repetitive.

My husband was not in town. It was a bad idea to watch a horror movie when I knew that. Now what? Should I go down and checkout?

No, it’s bad idea!

Ceaseless knocking sound continued. Constant banging made me curious and no choice left other than going down to the door.

I was sweating despite AC is on. Sweat drops fell down and droplet sound was louder than my bare footsteps. My heart was beating heavily, more than 100 beats per second. I grabbed all my courage and opened the door and slowly peeped out in small opening making sure to keep other hand on latch in case!

The whole bunch of people along with my husband shouted “Happy birthday Mamata”.

I had almost reached the death line and back to life to celebrate another year!

(Word count: 215)


Linking up with Anshu & Priya for #TellTaleThursday.  This is a weekly challenge and prompt for this week is,

Write a story following this sentence – You hear a rasping knock at the door at 1 am.


14 thoughts on “Surprise #TellTaleThursday

    • Ha ha. True Anshu. My husband had terrified me once after watching horror movie with those horror dialogue with spooky tone and almost to get heart attack. He was laughing in the theater for horror scenes and I was almost closed eyes!! Remembered that situation and wrote the plot 🙂


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