Monthly Gratitude – February 2019

The short month of the year has gone already and trust me it was not at all a short month for me! I could feel each and every day in this month. It might be due to my present health condition which overlapped with new project assignment at work life. I am grateful that time is healing us to overcome from last month bitter incident which would be only memory now. This month is always a special month to me in the year as my parents’ birthday and our wedding anniversary falls in this month.

Wedding anniversary:
Its 8 years of togetherness sailing happily with minor arguments here and there (Life is incomplete without small fights ;)). I am so sooo grateful to have PK as my life partner. This year no much time to celebrate due to late evening official meetings. Couldn’t go temple as each year we plan. No gift exchange, no meals out, nothing; but still this was special to us. Managed to prepare Gulab Jamoon for dinner between two meeting schedules. We looked back and counted our achievements and progress we made vs we planned and felt grateful about those which is the big milestone.

Parents’ birthday:
My parents’ birthday falls in the last week of this month with two days difference. I couldn’t visit them on their birthday as a week before that I had been there. Grateful to technologies which facilitates video call and messages to share the wishes. I wish them good health and a lot of happiness as always.

This month sounded better comparing the previous. I was able to manage a new project process, people and expectations. Got chance to attend Agile Safe training which is something new I learnt and it will add more value to my working style. My current organisation facilitated to take up strength assessment and I am grateful to know my top five strengths and use them while working, team building and contributing to the organisation.

Blog front:
I could publish 4 posts only which touches my baseline but offline I am planning for AtoZ challenge this year. Its still in the planning phase but I am happy to start the planning well in advance this year, unlike last year last minute plan as it was the first attempt. Even you are participating? If so, share the details in the comment section so that I can mark you. Hope to survive this year too!

Small and special moments:
♦ PK took me out for lunch on Valentine’s day. It was unplanned and not intentional to celebrate the day. But I felt special and had my favorite Chicken Biryani. Felt blessed to have lunch with him on working days. My new job work location making this happen frequently and I am so grateful for it.

♦ Managing BP alone for two days in the absence of PK was a great achievement. Usually, I call my mom to help me in such a situation! Nothing special in my skill to manage him! He has grown up and supported me 🙂

♦ My MIL sent my favourite special seafood dishes along with PK twice in this month. She prepared so well and packed nicely to reach me safely next morning as travel is overnight from my native to Bangalore. I am really lucky to have such in-laws.

♦ Noon in Bangalore is very hot these days which tempts to eat ice-creams. I love ice-creams and had many times in this month! Yippee!!

♦ I am into Rangoli madness zone from few months. It’s giving me extra happiness daily in the morning to put and decorate home entrance with different rangoli designs. I am loving it! I am able to manage some time for learning new Rangoli as per the latest trend and decorate home daily.

♦ I am not regular on drinking tea/coffee. If needed or situation demands I will go with coffee. This month I was very much regular on daily evening coffee. Coffee store guy in our organisation cafe really prepares so well and enjoying it!


These are my gratitude moments for the month. How was your month?


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6 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – February 2019

  1. Good to read your gratitude post Shilpa. I like the way you find joy in simple things and also feel thankful. I have signed up to the AtoZChallenge2019 – all thanks to you!! 🙂 I used to be a rangoli freak once upon a time and had a great 3 books full of hand drawn collections – must remember to fish them out the next time I am in Bengaluru. Enjoy and stay blessed!

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  2. All the best with the AtoZ challenge – its a lot of hard work. I am giving it a miss this year as I am just not in the mood to write so much this year. I am focusing on smaller and fewer posts for a while and will see where that takes me.

    Wishing you a very abundant and happy March ahead Shilpa!

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    • Thanks Shalini. I am still in planning stage for AtoZ, hope I take up and survive. Lets see how it goes. Sometime its really good to focus on smaller and calm.

      Wish you also happy and great month ahead..


  3. Sounds like a fulfilling month with a lot of things that you were able to do. I never knew you are in Bangalore. Where do you live and work? 🙂 Tell me more.
    I can understand how hot it is these days. Good luck with A to Z. I don’t think I can manage but will sure cheer for you. Biryani is a good meal for me too. Have a lovely March and keep writing. 4 posts or more, we need to write.

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