Monthly Gratitude – March 2019

March month was quite good and marched fast for me. I was able to focus positively compared to previous two months in this year.

Here is my gratitude list;

♣ I did priortise well in this month as what is needed and took apt decision which helped me to keep my mind peace and calm. I am really grateful for it. Taking right decision at right time to help ourselves is big accomplishment.

♣ We had plan to visit one of the famous restaurant from many months actually. Finally time had come for it in this month. Its pure veg restaurant, ambiance was cool and every dishes were mouth watering, delicious. Thanks to PK for sudden plan.

♣ Then comes the Shivaratri festival. It was awesome feeling to take BP to temple and explain him about God and story behind it.

♣ BP was unwell for a week in this month which caused some uneasiness and irritation. I am grateful to the WFH option present in the organisation which helped us to manage this situation. Me and PK took alternate WFH and able to take care of BP. It took a week to came back to normal.

♣ BP had a cartoon day in his school. We made him Oggy which is his favorite cartoon. We were on action after long time, cutting and painting Oggy mask and made spatula to beat cockroaches. BP watches this show anytime, repeat episodes when TV watching is allowed.

♣ Officially, all went as usual. Grateful for normal flow of official life.

♣ Blog front, Could post only 2 and not meet the number of posts as planned (4 posts per month). Dropped plan of participating in A2Z keeping my health condition as priority. I am perfectly OK with the decision for this month keeping the priority.

♣ We traveled to native at the end the month as BP’s school vacation started. He is very happy to explore wide playing area around house, many kids around him. I took WFH and enjoying with BP in sunny days at our coastal native place with no routine household works, enjoy eating different types of dishes made by my in law :). Its best break from usual rushing hours in Bangalore.

It was simple and moved soon. How was your March month?


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2 thoughts on “Monthly Gratitude – March 2019

  1. Good to hear you had a calm and peaceful March Shilpa. Having no major ups and downs in life is sometimes considered as good these days. Take care of your health and I wish you loads of good luck for the big day due to come soon in your life!

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