Monthly Gratitude – June 2019

June month was simple and completely enjoying second-time motherhood. Here are my gratitude moments for the month;

♦ BP’s school started after a long vacation. I was worried about setting up the routine for him and it went smoothly by the support of PK. These days I am finding the word gratitude less for thanking my PK, he is my huge support system in every aspect of my life. He is the best father along with loving husband 🙂

♦ Its a month for celebrating my birthday on world environment day. I love the rainy season and enjoyed some rain on the day and thanks to almighty nature to show some love in the form of rain on my birthday even after this year delayed monsoon. Also grateful to complete another healthy year even though this year was a rebirth with my newborn AP.

♦ I am grateful to my strong willpower to stay stronger throughout my emotional ups and downs, learning to downgrade my emotional tough time looking at my kiddos. The best thing about the postnatal period is ‘having coffee twice a day’, I am loving it :).

♦ Coming to blogging, gave myself a reading time between my busy schedule to ease my mind – reading fellow bloggers articles. I could write a gratitude post and a fiction short story. Slowly making some time for blogging as now I could understand my two and half-month-old AP’s routine well and BP is adjusted to his school timings.

♦ Officially, I felt so great when my senior manager pinged me to ask about my status with whom I worked only for 3 months (my first project in the new organisation) before taking MAT leave and also that reminded me to gear up myself technically.

♦ Now I am totally disconnected to the outside world as my world is revolving around two kids within four walls of the house but thanks to technologies which helps me to chat with friends, news pop-ups and posts notification making me feel great. Also, fresh leaves and veggies from Bigbasket online.

Closing this post by wishing Varun deva (God of rain) show some mercy to begin monsoon soon with no devastation.

That’s all for a month. How was your month? Share your one of the gratitude moments with me in the comment line.


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One thought on “Monthly Gratitude – June 2019

  1. Congratulations and belated birthday wishes. Reading about your month made me feel good. I can see that you are staying positive and connecting yourself with people who matter.
    Good to know that your manager checked on you. I am sure he would like to see you back too. Take care and wishing you happiness all along July and even after.

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