Bright Umbrella #WoWe


“Yes, what an idea. Let me work on it”.

She reused her old umbrella, fixed solar small bulbs over it, placed button to control on and off.

“Tada!! It’s ready”, she exclaimed with heartfelt joy.


Radha was very content about her teaching profession and was vivid explorer, hence transfer to the remote village didn’t disappoint her as much as seeing the situation of students’ there due to long hours power cut after sunset.

She charged her new innovation whole day under the sun.

Comes night, she opens the umbrella, clicked the button and it glowed. She jumped with triumph. She closed her eyes looking at a shooting star and wished for students a bright future.


“Good morning teacherrrrr…” Students wished her.

“I have a surprise for you all. Here you go” She handed over the umbrella.

She explained its purpose and usage. Encouraged kids to prepare one for each referring to the prototype she had made providing the required materials. She utilised craft class well and felt happy to see hope and love in their eyes.

Everyone went back to home with new hope and a bright umbrella.

(Word count: 188)


Linking up with Mayuri & Rashi for #WoWe – Words On Wednesday is a weekly challenge to write a story in 200 words for the given prompt.


11 thoughts on “Bright Umbrella #WoWe

  1. This is such a cute story, Shilpa. Full.of.hope and the fact that you can do anything in every situation. A great display of creativity to bring a smile on the small souls. Thanks for writing for #WoWe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A quick and pleasant read , it’s short n long lasting in memory because of the words put cleverly without lag.
    A good ice breaker n a thoughtful insight.

    Liked by 1 person

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