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Do you remember postcard?? That was the only way of communication for me during our childhood. No cellphone, hardly people had landline connection and need to walk very far for STD booth for trunk calls.

My schooling was at JNV, a residential school where only postcard was allowed to write a letter to parents which was read by my house madam before posting it as they were the whole and sole caretaker of every kid. Any letters addressed to us was pre-read by them to avoid issues.

I used to write letters to my parents almost every day. Writing on the specified size of the card and waiting for the reply was a special feeling. The fun part was postman uncle was so used to my parents delivering letters daily that he was delivering even before reaching our area if he sees my dad on his way or other places.

Getting a card from the post office and then to send birthday wishes to close friends during holidays referring their address from slam book was priceless and special. Now, I hardly go to the post office. Once in a year, I do go to buy post cover to send Rakhi to distant brothers.

Technologies and internet made communication easy reducing the effort but another side we lost that small happiness which we used to get from sending a postcard. That one special friend wishes used to make us happy and now thousands of wishes do not equate that gesture.  There were no gadgets to remind friends’ birthday, writing a letter to send wishes and posting in such a way that it should reach on their birthday morning and receiving back in similar fashion from friends was a thrill. Now, a lot of apps to remind and send oneliner wishes upon seeing it. There is happiness seeing many wishes but no thrill. Digitalisation is making us quick and everything to our footsteps, but losing the human touch. Do you feel the same??



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