Dream fulfilled #WoWe


You are like your grandfather. You killed my son as he killed my Pappa“, a middle-aged woman shouted on his face holding his shirt collar.

These words were repeated in his mind and disturbed Anurag deeply. He was unaware of these incidents.

It was his forced destiny to become a doctor. He was away from family and village from age ten to focus on studies to become a doctor. The rule was made five generations back that every kid can stay with the family only after becoming a doctor.

He decided to know more about his people and the hospital. He inquired, audited ledgers and found the shocking facts. Many were fake doctors including his grandfather. He realised that the hard rule in the family made this mess. He stood against the odds and owed to change the destiny of the upcoming generation in his family.

As now he is the head and heir of the hospital which was built by his great-grandfather, He erased the big wrongs done by his elders by doing small right changing the nameplate of the hospital as “The Old age Home”, his dream was to become social worker instead of a doctor.

(Word count: 198)


Linking up with Mayuri Rashi for #WoWe – Words On Wednesday is a weekly challenge to write a story in 200 words for the given prompt.

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