Conclusion #WordsMatter

It was late at night. I was thinking about how to give an end to my thriller story. All the episodes were done and only left with the last closing chapter.

Tossing pen between fingers in one hand and toggling the study lamp switch button on the other hand. Dog barking continuously.

I saw something outside my window, it was a blur but suspicious. Any such happenings look interesting to the writer mind. I went near the window and wiped the glass to understand it clearly. I was horrified to see the four heavy men in a black suit carrying heavy package and followed by two hefty with guns. I put my eyes on to window glass forcefully to watch keenly and get some clue about them and there I saw a blood-stained lady hand hanging outside package. I pulled out my face and forced my brain to act quickly. I realised about having a toy which makes Police jeep siren. Took out it and opened the window slowly with absolutely no noise and switched on the toy. I could see their tense faces hoping for triumph to my witness. They left the package and ran towards the Innova and left.

I was curious about the girl in the package. I called the police and informed of the incident.

Who is she? Should I go and check her? Will it disturb the evidence to catch the criminals? What should I do?

I always felt experiencing such circumstances will give real effect to the writing. My inquisitive mind swayed me to the crime scene. I put the gloves and went to check. I was about to open the package and heard the police van coming, so kept myself back. I gave all the details from my side and went back to home.

I sat down and recollected all the scenes happened outside my window and connected the dots and got the conclusion to my novel. My hand started outputting the details of what mind dictated. Finally completed my first novel.


This is written as part of monthly blog hop called “Words Matter” hosted by Corinne, Parul, and Shalini which is spread over 3 days i.e first Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the month. The prompt for this month is ‘Outside my window‘.

I received this tag from Shubhra Rastogi. It’s my pleasure to pass on this tag to Nikita Dudani.




25 thoughts on “Conclusion #WordsMatter

  1. You have brought out the suspense element so nicely in this post Shilpa! Presence of mind to act accordingly to the situations is a trait which comes by reading such episodes. Wonder if the thriller story which you mentioned is indeed completed and if you are planning to share it with the readers? Good one as always! 🙂

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