Monthly Gratitude – July 2019

The month of July was simple and sweet. Here are my sweet moments which I would like to cherish and feel grateful.

Family and friends;

♥ I got a privilege to eat mom made Laddus almost every day of this month. Mom visited home many times in this month and we two together prepared dry fruits laddus and Rava Laddus. It was not an apple a day but a laddu a day was keeping me happy and energetic. I am grateful to have healthy postnatal period.


Homemade Rava Laddu 🙂

♥ My two close friends visited home to meet me and my newborn AP. Both are my engineering friends. One had come from Germany for her vacation and family function. Meeting her after 5 years was joyful. Her kids and mine became friends. It’s such an awesome feeling when close friends’ kids become friends.

♥ I am loving each and every day spending time with AP. Her toothless smile, cute little eyes, soft cooing, her warm expressions, her acknowledgment and reaction to my words and expressions. Ahaa. Everything is simply adorable. I am really grateful for the motherhood once again in my life. BP had given beautiful meaning to my motherhood and AP added more colours.

BP’s school events;

♥ He had Yellow day and Father’s day celebration at school for this month. Making him ready and taking pics of my hero is bliss to me. I am grateful to PK for making time for Father’s event. Trust me getting my Man ready for a school function (or any function) is like winning some contest and that too getting him dressed up as per school’s requirement for the event is lifetime achievement as he likes to be simple and silent. I am grateful to achieve it and cherish these moments with BP in the future.

♥ This month we had first PTM for this year curriculum and I was on cloud nine to hear positive comments about him.

Blog front;

♥ I could spend more time compared to last month. I read more blog posts, published 5 posts. Participated in #ThursdayTreeLove, #WoWe and also had drafted for #WordsMatter.

Also, I am grateful to each and every day for being alive and healthy. Grateful to peaceful surroundings.

That’s all for this month. Isn’t it sweet and simple as said? How was your month and share your one of the gratitude moments?


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