Happy ending #WoWe


The feeling of sadness had covered her like heavy clouds in her life. She wanted a magic wand to create a silver line in those clouds and turn out everything happy and joy.

Reena was standing near the court to attend the final hearing of her parents’ divorce case. She had tried all the ways to convince her parent to stay together but she couldn’t break the strong wall of ego between them nor reduce the gap in the miscommunication. She wanted to try her luck for the last time and messaged her parents to meet her near a coffee shop outside the court before the hearing session.

She had never got them together to convince and this was the ultimate last chance to meet the hope.

Both were sitting in the corner of the bench not facing each other. Reena went and sat between them sobbing.

Mom and Dad… My LIFE still revolves around you. I find Happiness within Us. Don’t you feel the same? Cant parents nullify their ego and issues looking at their kid? Is that more important than me?

It was huge emotions from their 8 years old daughter. They looked at each other wiping the tears and smiled with consent.

(Word count: 204)


Linking up with Mayuri Rashi for #WoWe – Words On Wednesday is a weekly challenge to write a story in 200 words for the given prompt.

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