Monthly Gratitude – August 2019

The month of August was filled with a lot of happiness, festivals, celebration, and kinda relaxed.

Special month

It’s another special month in my life. Its a month to celebrate our lifetime decision to marry each other. I am grateful for such a moment which had come unexpectedly in my life and I feel blessed for the right decision. PK is a God-sent angel in my life. Its 11 years to our decision to stay as a life partner and this is the first time that I forgot about the day as busy with our toddler AP and its first time that PK had reminded me about it. I felt so good to hear from him and I am totally blessed and grateful to hear it from my less expressive handsome man!!


My atte (MIL) arrived and she stayed completely with me and AP all the time to help me. She is a huge help and support to us in every matter. My heartfelt gratitude to PK’s parents to support us in all matter. Hence this month was relaxing and tension free to me and PK to take care of AP.


There were so many festivals in this month which added lot of happiness, colours to my rangoli and sweets to dishes. I took personal time to decorate the entrance with respective theme-related rangoli for Varamahalaxmi, Nagapanchami, Independence day, Rakhi festival and Krishna Janmashtami.




It was first Rakhi festival to AP and made her tie Rakhi to BP. Explained BP about the importance and his responsibilities. I know he is too young to understand it deeply but its always good to seed within him now. BP was very happy and I was very much grateful for God for blessing complete family.

Dressed up as Krishna for both BP and AP for Krishna Janmastami. Dressing up kids is a bliss. Do you also feel same?

Also, spent some time to make our apartment kids to perform skit for Ganesha festival organised in our layout. I am grateful to our apartment ladies to join me for my initiative and understanding my situation and taking it further for successful completion. We are now wrapping up with final touch and waiting to see it on stage. BP is also part of it and giving him constant instruction to do his part. Making him stand quite on stage is big task for me 😉 Final update in my next gratitude post.

Hope your month also filled with lot of joy and blessed moments. Wishing you all many more in upcoming days too.


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