Monthly Gratitude – Sep and Oct 2019

This is the first time that I am writing the gratitude of two months together. I couldn’t make time to write my gratitude moments as all members of the family fell sick one after other. It was first cold, cough to my little tiny AP and sleepless nights for me and PK. So many festivals, a lot of activities for BP from school kept me completely busy.

So overall, it was sinusoidal waves of both Khatta and Meetha in my life in these two months. Let me list out those precious moments which made me happy and will cherish always.

Festival celebrations

The celebration always adds positive vibes to existing life and enhances its beauty. We enjoyed the Ganesha festival, Navaratri & Dussehra and Deepavali. All these are main and vibrating festivals to us and never miss to celebrate to the peak.

Ganesha Festival: Celebration means food, decorations, happiness. So as planned I could cook multiple items for lunch and decorated it as Thali and served PK. It was like an achievement to do with two kids. I am grateful to PK for supporting.

I hope you remember from my previous gratitude post wherein I mentioned about the skit preparation of our apartment kids for the Ganesha celebration in our layout. Kids did superbly well more than to our expectations. We felt very happy and value for our efforts. I am grateful to all those kids and ladies who were part of it to make it a huge success. BP did fantastic as Mushika and I loved his gesture of doing as his mom said from the stage was unforgettable. Here is the skit video. Checkout 🙂

Navaratri has special significance in my life. Its 2 years celebration of our new home. Time flies….. We had kept Chandika Parayana and lunch party to near and dear friends and relatives. I am grateful to all ladies who were part of it and also PK’s cousins and friends who helped us in getting and serving the food to everyone.

Deepavali…. Festival of light… is my favorite festival.. I love the lighting, Diyas, decorations, foods and Nakshatra Butti (Lanterns). AP’s first Deepavali and we celebrated traditionally by preparing proper lunch feast and serving on plantain leaves in the noon and evening Lakshmi Pooja followed by lighting lot of diyas around the house and very fewer crackers.

BP’s school

  • There was a fancy dress for Navaratri and BP got ready as Mysore King. As I always say making kids ready for an event is bliss and there exists incomparable happiness. I am always grateful to God for giving me the strength and the opportunity to enjoy these moments.
  • He was awarded as Star of the week in this month and it’s a great happy and honoured moment.

Few more highlights

  • AP completed 6 months. Another milestone.
  • Meeting my brother after many years was the highlight of this month. He visited us very next day of his arrival from the US and made me very happy.
  • Grateful to my house-help aunty who fits to my need and is helpful though few of the other ladies in the apartment are not so happy about her.
  • My organisation provided one more month additional paid maternity leave, Grateful to organisation policy.

That’s all from my side. How was your month? I hope you too list your gratitude moments in some ways and feel thankful; if not, do it, it’s a great rejuvenation of your inner feelings.


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