Together #writephoto #WordlessWednesday

Schools are closed….
Daycare is closed….
No playgrounds, no friends, no open places to play outside…..
Kids are locked inside four walls of the home with their parents….
It’s unexpected and punishment for such a young, beautiful and budding mind….

It’s the Coronavirus effect!!! It has taken control of human’s splendid life.

Its a tough time for all, especially if you are a working parent. It’s not at all easy to work from home having kids at home 24/7. Planning a day well in advance can save a bit but yes, it’s tough to manage and balance. Being positive and hoping for the best and believing that “this too will pass soon” only can help us now.

Its been more than 2 weeks that we are completely locked inside four walls of the house. I have stopped watching news and videos, reading COVID-19 related messages which simply make a house for sadness and tension; instead urged to take this opportunity to have quality time with family, take out my passion and teach my son good stuff, love towards mother tongue, interest in craft and reduce screen time as much as possible. Its really tough to keep kids engaged productively all time along with your official work but yes, trying your best is not an impossible task.

I and my 5 years old son BP started doing many tasks together. We both cook snacks together, make some paintings together, play puzzles together, folding clothes together and also fight together. Keeping my ever-active-less-than-a -year-toddler who sleeps very less during the day on one side, fulfilling interest of over-active-more-inquisitive-school-going son on another side is challenging.  Joining back to the office a week before lockdown after my maternity leaves made my lifestyle more challenging. Being optimistic is the only mantra to manage all for me right now!

Check out these pics which speaks about me and BP’s locked down special activities carried out together.


Crayon painting. Background by BP and Tree by me 🙂


Pani Puri.. Homemade.. Together we made.



His own design.. :).. Above other pattern blocks designs taken from Pinterest. Thanks to Pinterest which saved me by providing him more designs.

Hope, we all get rid of this massive effect of Virus and everything settles soon. I hope mankind understand the importance of nature and valuing person more than the material.

Ending this post saluting our national leader for his managing skills and responsibilities are taken towards the citizens and also to all the front line staff who are working day and night to help people, serving nation without caring for their own lives.

Please respect the people who are working for us and hence stayhome, staysafe, help yourselves and also the world.

I wish this opportunity of being with family and having this routine minus virus fear would have been more joy and wish to happen more often.


This is in response to weekly writephoto prompt hosted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Also, Linking up with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Natasha and Esha.



16 thoughts on “Together #writephoto #WordlessWednesday

  1. I know-how hyperactive is BP and kudos to you for indulging him in the activities which are for sure going to be an add on skills for the future and the way you balance learning n fun activities!!

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  2. love the way you managed to be creative and of course, it would have been super challenging for you to keep kids active and productive Kudos!. Question is will we be this active/creative post-crisis;)

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  3. Managing kids with work and all household work can be challenging and tiring. I like how you are keeping the older one engaged creatively and in daily chores.

    I too hope the situation becomes normal soon. I pray the world heals well and soon,

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  4. I totally understand how challenging it can be, Shilpa, balancing it all! But, you are doing an amazing job and you know what, we will all come out of it wiser, more accepting and more grateful of the many wonderful blessings that we have been taking for granted so long.
    Yes, praying for life to get back to normal soonest.
    Take care and stay safe, dear friend!

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