Blue into Red #writephoto

“Today I have to decode the mystery of that place and give an end to the myth” a journalist claimed it in a definite voice.

“I will also join you and capture the proof through my lens” added the cameraman.

Both drove to the place and open up the camera and started recording.

“We are in the exact place called….” he turned back to show the place and stood mesmerising looking at the beauty of bluebells spread through the entire thick green forest as carpet. It was not less than a heaven. The scent of flowers combined with that of green leaves flutter you to a different world.

They actually forgot the purpose of their visit, that’s how fascinating it was. The world of Maya!

“No, No.. Wake up guys. Get back to your conscious world. Go away” said one of the blue flower.

Bunch of bluebells tried to pull their legs and push them out but it was unworkable.

“Sun going to set now.. I can’t see this happen again. I don’t want to paint myself red” cried the other bell flower.

Slowly the rays of sun started to vanish signaling the moonlight to penetrate and then comes the creepy creepers from the crown of the tree, headed towards them crawling over the floor of flowers and pulled their legs.

Red filled the floor and their screams echoed.


This is in response to weekly writephoto prompt hosted by Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo


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