The Battle of Frog Prince


The heir has arrived finally in the Red-eyed King Brownie’s royal family. He is little, shiny and charming among the rest of the dozen tadpoles who survived against the odds and entered the planet of life. The King declared him as his successor and left to the war which was ongoing from the last two weeks. The mother queen was more worried about the current situation the promise she had made to the King – Survival of last heir and their species.

His army said ribbit… ribbit… and followed the King.

The King as planned, covered the royal well amid the thick forest such a way that no one can notice and easily can walk on it, no clue on preexistance of well! He was known for his brilliance. Then, marched jumping towards the battlefield “The Marshy Bloody Pond”.

The poisonous King Dart Frog, who is well known for his speciality in varieties of weapons and merciless heart, conquering most of the wells, ponds, herbs, shrubs. His army was mercilessly chopping the heads of opponents with the unique axe. They even had submarines running under pond and bombing.

“My kith and kins, fight as if no tomorrow, never show your back, be brave warrrior” shouted The King Brownie adding life and desire to half-broken frogs.

It was well known to all, with no weapons, facing Merciless king troop was impossible. Yet, fought to keep their successor safe and had hope of new life blooming soon! These selfless souls shed their drops of blood for the good future of the upcoming generation.

The King Dart Frog swayed the axe aiming the King Brownie, which was swirling in the air and cut his head from the back.

The King Brownie turned back headless, slipped into the pond! Only a few were left and still battling, pulling legs unable to jump, some were trying hard to swim with their broken web feet.

The King Dart Frog hosted his kingdom flag on the bank of the pond and declared his victory being unaware of opponent’s heir existence!


This is in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver – #275 – Fairytale – The Frog Prince – 14th May


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