Let it go

Image credit- Pixabay- Majaranda

Until last year, everything was shiny and happy to Vinita along with her cute little family. She had inherited a big villa surrounding wide space for a garden and also a big open park just opposite the house. It’s the perfect environment to live healthily.

The tree planted five generations back had grown massively and shadowed and made a place to play for kids. Her mother, herself and her daughter played under the tree, running around it, circling the tree, playing hide and seek and many more. The tree has become an integral part of their life. It’s routine to play daily evening and elders sit on the bench nearby tree and enjoy the giggling of the only granddaughter of their from Vinita.

Dad, I can see her standing near the tree and hiding! Can u ?” sobbed Vinita.

She continued wiping her tears. “Its time to go for a walk and play with her. Call your son-in-law, he must be busy preparing the chocolate cake for her. He has pampered her more than any. She is alone playing there. Let’s go fast“.

Oldies looked at each other, raising their eyeglasses, cleared the tearful eyes.

Honey, I am ready. Let’s go for a walk and play with her“. Manoj entered and took her along with him signalling them to be brave and let it go.

Both got up trembling, balancing slowly with the help of crane saying “Hope she will digest the truth and lead normal life soon“.


This is in response to Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee prompt.

Also, VJ’s Weekly Challenge #96: circling

12 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. I could literally visualize what you wrote. The writer is success full when the reader can read like watching a movie . one of the best in your collections.

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