The wrong turn

Image credit- Pixabay- ArtTower

The car broke down in the middle of a dreadful night.

“Aray Yaar!! Not again. You and your Dakota car!” Raju opened the car door and kicked the tire.

He continued in the anger “I had told you to rent a good car instead of yours. It’s already late to reach the resort. Mannu kaka must have slept off waiting for us”

“It’s my bachelorette party and my budget”, Raki said harshly.

Ok.. Ok… Now don’t cry like a small kid! Look at Sai, how nicely he sleeping.

Raju tapped on his head and shouted: “get up man, can you check where are we now?”

“I had told to take a left turn after 10kms and then go straight for 20kms to reach the resort. Are we there already”, he blabbered in drowsy voice and got down from the car rubbing his sleepy eyes.

“Yeah, we took left turn but the car broke down. May be crossed more than 15kms”

“Then, let’s walk and go. Let’s push the car to the side and come back in the morning”

The trio started walking on the road covered alongside the dark heavy forest. Foxes were howling. Raki has got a weak heart, he made sure to walk between them, watching around carefully and feel guarded.

Raju nodded Sai to stop and Raki was still walking and trembled down and shouted with anxiety.

Other two grinned and pulled his hand. To their surprise, he was on rough muddy rocky trail. Sai was now confirmed that his friends had taken the wrong turn while he was asleep.

“Guys, it’s not the correct way. We are away from resort and city. Mostly deep into the thick forest. I remember my uncle saying it’s too risky the other side of the area where we are now. It’s a haunted area and hardly people pass by during day time”.

“My party, my car, my money.. all gone! My life is in Risk. My marriage is after a week and deadlock here” cried Raki.

“Oh My… This guy started again! Can you please shut your mouth. Nothing is joyful without little risk in life. I thrilled to enjoy this wrong turn. Lets walk on this track and might reach to some house and take thier help”, Raju replied.

Sai did thumbs up showing his consent and raised Raki’s hand and said “He is also”.

They started walking in the track in the middle of the forest. Tall trees in the dark added the terror into the heart. The gusty winds, noisy insects carried away thier thoughts to the scary world. As they walked for few minutes, they found the hut-like structure little away from them. The fog around it looked peculiar and weird. The yellow light coming out of small window frightened Raki but delighted the other two anticipating some hope of help.

“Its definitely a haunted house. A dame spirit attracting people via that frightful eerie light. Let’s go back, guys.” Raki said in terrifying voice.

Raju ran towards it and surprised to see the well-kept and attractive house in the middle of forest. He knocked on the door asking for the help. Raki had closed his eyes and was expecting tremor to his heart to unexpected visualisation he had.

Door opened!!!!

Raki screamed… Sai confused “Ah! Mannu Kaka. You are here!! We got late and lost”

He continued looking at Raju, “he is the caretaker of my uncle’s resort”

“Saheb, I was not well, so I sent my son to welcome you. Please come inside. You can stay here and leave in the morning. There is a short route to resort behind my home. You can fresh up and take rest”.

Kaka continuously uttering and walking further with yellow lantern and his voice diminished further as both came back to the entrance to see Raki who was lying on the ground!


This is in response to Sadje’s #Whatdoyousee prompt.

Also, VJ’s Weekly Challenge #97: risk-reward

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