Last Decision #Fiction

Decisions!!! I am tired of making and taking the decisions all these years. But, Mom. We are used to it. Your decision has never gone wrong. You are grown up and got your own family. Now you are capable enough to take your own decision and lead our family business. Even your dad wished the … Continue reading Last Decision #Fiction

Last meal #FridayFictioneers

She was crying and preparing meals. She untied the edge of the saree pallu and found only 30 bucks. Wiping tears called her son and said: "Take this and get 5 eggs, I will make your favourite egg curry". The little boy was happy and ran towards the store. He gazed at eggs, shining against … Continue reading Last meal #FridayFictioneers

New Beginning #ThursdayTreeLove

Today's tree edition, I am going wordless as this tree's pic speaks more! What do you see and feel about this pic? Trust the magic of new beginning....   Tree#26 Joining Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove – is a photo feature hosted on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month by her.

Bagala (ಬಾಗಾಳ) tree #ThursdayTreeLove

It has many names in local language as Bagala, Bakula, Ranja, Madhugandha and in English as Bullet wood, Spanish cherry, and medlar. Its evergreen tropical tree found mostly in South Asia. Leaves are glossy, dark green, and oval-shaped. Flowers are white star shaped with special fragrance. Fruits look like a small bullet. The bark, flowers, … Continue reading Bagala (ಬಾಗಾಳ) tree #ThursdayTreeLove