Last Decision #Fiction

Decisions!!! I am tired of making and taking the decisions all these years.

But, Mom. We are used to it. Your decision has never gone wrong.

You are grown up and got your own family. Now you are capable enough to take your own decision and lead our family business. Even your dad wished the same. He wanted you to take up all the responsibilities once you finish your studies. I stepped in as you were too young to handle at that time.

I understand mom, we are happy and no doubt about your decision. I feel secured under your umbrella of care and love.

What after me? You feel a sudden storm and void. I have experienced it after your dad’s demise. I don’t want you to sail the same journey.

Why are you so pessimistic today? I have never seen you like this mom. Is everything ok?

Don’t worry my son. Here is my last decision and also my wish to retire from the position and hand over to you wholely. I desire to lead an ordinary life of granny playing with my two tiny jewels for the rest of my life.


This is in response to VJ’s Weekly Challenge #101: decisions

5 thoughts on “Last Decision #Fiction

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