Final victory

I just ran and ran without turning back this time. I could feel the heaviness in the breath and intense pain in the muscle but my gut feeling kept me going. Finally stopped to realise its getting dark. I can feel the heavy cool breeze hitting me. I could hear the surge of waves and … Continue reading Final victory

Virtual tour

My pre-school going son was crying to go to our native place as its summer holidays for him. We had dropped the idea this year keeping the current pandemic outbreak. We are in Noida on an official transfer leaving behind our native place near Bangalore. My wife tried most of the ways to comfort him … Continue reading Virtual tour


Sita screamed and got up to realise it was the same dream again. "What is the meaning of these dreams which are appearing frequently. Should I share this with Raghu? Is there any connection to my personal situation?" Sita was confused and battling in her mind. Raghu woke up hearing her scream and asked "What … Continue reading Messanger