Sita screamed and got up to realise it was the same dream again.

“What is the meaning of these dreams which are appearing frequently. Should I share this with Raghu? Is there any connection to my personal situation?” Sita was confused and battling in her mind.

Raghu woke up hearing her scream and asked “What happened? What are you thinking?”

“Aa.. Ammm.. Nothing. It was an unusual dream”.

“I am seeing this from the past few weeks. You are stressed about your current pressures from my parents. Its ok honey, I am with you. Its all left to our fate and Karma”, He consoled her and patted to sleep down.

“Do you believe in dreams coming to true? I do. I have experienced it many times. Anything I see more often in my dream will have some meaning and it comes true. I wish this should have a good message and …” She pulled her bedsheet and turned on other side.

Raghu came close to her and asked: “What are you seeing?”

“So many colours mixing up and forming beautiful composition. Its a hope of new life. It’s a Lord’s Bramhanda where I can see radiant Lord Vinshu smiling. His Chakra and lotus from his hands speed up towards me and form a womb”.

“It’s a good message then. Hope it comes true, my dear. We will be free of all social dispraise”.


This is in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #141

This week challenge is: Spend 6 minutes on watching this video

After that, just write whatever comes to mind in free flow. Let some time elapse in between, if you so desire.


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