The first half of 2020 #Gratitude

Half of the year has gone by a lot of panic, tension, stress, adjusting to new ways of everything we used to do. The pandemic has inverted everyone’s life and plans. Amid all these, there are things and moments which I would like to be thankful, feel grateful and preserve for good memories.

Here are those, not in the chronicle order but the positive highlights of the last six months.

☘️ First of all, always grateful for a safe and healthy life so far.

☘️ I was glad to see the mail from Indian Top Blogs saying my blog has been included in the Directory of Best Indians Blogs for the year 2019. I was happy to see it and also in the month May announcing as it’s been added again for the current year too. Its a great pleasure and the encourage to a miniature writer like me.

☘️ After two kids, I found it hard to remember the whole month’s gratitude points and write a post at the end of the month. Hence started writing my daily gratitude points in personal dairy from this year. The feeling of writing on paper is wonderful!

☘️ Grateful to technologies which helped us to work from home, stay connected with loved once via video calls, chatting during the terrible pandemic and more thankful for the internet world without which we might have felt being all-time home as a cage.

☘️ It was tough to WFH keeping one toddler and other naughty school going in the home with daycare closed and no helping hand in the house. The first lockdown was scary, no clue about what next and hence PK suggested me to extend maternity leaves immediately before getting tagged to any project. It was only fortnight I had joined back post my maternity leaves not anticipating the pandemic outbreak. I am grateful to my organisation and reporting manager who understood my plea and granted the max possible three months leave.

☘️ I am grateful to my naughty son BP to get adjusted to this New Normal life and staying at home. Though this lockdown was scary, it was boon to stay with my kids and experienced beautiful fulltime motherhood. I got a chance to enjoy and preserve all the milestone of my little AP that I had missed while raising my son BP being a working mother. I could spend more time with BP, involving myself with his daily activities, motivating him to pick up different activities being always side by him. Together we did a lot of activities and treasured it.

☘️ We happened to travel to native for an emergency with police pass on very first relaxation of lockdown. This travel was a new experience. I am grateful for a safe journey. It was good, healthy stay in native for a month when it was a green zone in term of virus infection. We had tension free stay, vast open surrounding to inhale the fresh air, spacious place to play for kids. We all had blissful time there and missing it now.

☘️ My little girl AP turned one in April. It was her first birthday and we had a lot of plans but it’s ok. Being safe is the priority, keeping that in mind, we celebrated in our own way, simple, sweet and memorable. My naughty boy BP turned 5 in May. I could show all my love via cooking exuberant varieties of food and serving my little world.

☘️ We celebrated 9 years of togetherness in February. It was a special anniversary with our complete family. I am fortunate to have PK and his family in my life.

☘️ It is tough to get a fulltime reliable house-help who can take care of kids along with household chores and tougher during this pandemic time. I was in a dilemma about continuing/quitting job due to the current situation. There came my in-laws as my saviour. They are always with me in all my ups & downs. They arranged one somehow from the known relative circle for which I am grateful from the heart.

☘️ My close friend KN visited us with goodies. She visits anyone only if the person is particularly eminent for her and I am grateful to be one of such person for her :). We had a good time together after a long time.

☘️ I could also catch up many schoolmates via phone. It was a wonderful feeling to exchange childhood memories. It was one of the best things I did during the lockdown. Grateful to have many contacts and cherish the old memories.

☘️ I could make more time to read and write during the lockdown that shows my blog more healthy. I had started blog keeping at least two posts a month motto and it has increased now. I feel good and happy.

☘️ I also tried my hands on different areas such as crafting with BP, baking without an oven, cooking different items, making Kulfi, dancing with my niece. It was awesome to cook at home and delight BP ♥.

Till last week, our area was safe and not a containment zone. Now a few cases have been reported as positive within 500m. The only worry is if it comes, we cant get/take family member comfort to recover, its a complete isolation and a hell. I wish all infected people in the world to recover soon and nullify the spreading of it. Sending a lot of positive vibes to everyone. Stay home, stay positive and stay safe.


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4 thoughts on “The first half of 2020 #Gratitude

  1. One way, it’s a boon for kids, as we , parents are spending more time than earlier while working from home though it’s tough sometimes. Stay home and stay safe. By the way, our anniversary is also on Feb.

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